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Walton (WTC)

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How to Buy Walton (WTC)

There is great potential in combining the technology of blockchains with the Internet of Things — and  Walton chain recognizes that.

The team behind Walton have embarked on a mission to create a new business ecosystem which takes the potential of both blockchain technology and IoT to create a decentralized, secure, traceable business model. Within this model, all data and information is made transparent thanks to RFID technology (shout out to Charles Walton, inventor of the RFID chip).

How does Walton plan to achieve this business ecosystem?

Through a carefully crafted 4-phase plan starting with basic infrastructure platform establishment, the Walton team will gradually incorporate into their business ecosystem:

  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Product Manufacturing

With a recent partnership struck up with Coinnest, one of the largest Korean exchanges, Walton has proved their ability to commit to their 4-phase plan. Think they’re worth the investment? So do we. Let’s get you setup with some WTC.

Open Up A Coinbase Account

Let’s kick off this process by buying some Bitcoin or Ethereum first. You can purchase either coin through Coinbase, but if you’re having trouble with that wallet, try Coinmama — the steps are the same for both. If you already own BTC or ETH, move ahead to step 2.

Create A Binance Account

We will be purchasing all of our other coins using BTC or ETH at what we call a cryptocurrency marketplace. We’ll be using Binance for today’s tutorial, but know there are plenty of places you can purchase WTC from. Create an account with Binance and move down to step 3.

Send BTC or ETH to Binance

In short: all we’re going to do is move our BTC or ETH from our Coinbase wallet to our Binance wallet. At the first consideration, it seems complex. It’s not. Here are the steps:

  • Hit “Wallets” on Binance
  • Find “BTC” or “ETH”
  • Click “Deposit”
  • Copy the address string
  • Return to Coinbase
  • Click on the “Accounts” label on Coinbase
  • Look for your BTC or ETH wallet & tap “Send”
  • Put the Binance address into the Coinbase recipient address bar
  • Enter in how much you desire and send it on!

If you’re confused by these steps, have a look at the screenshots below. They outline the process using ETH for reference:

Purchase Walton (WTC) on Binance

Now that we have successfully transferred our BTC or ETH to our Binance wallet, we can finally buy some WTC! Find the “Markets” tab and look for the BTC/WTC or ETH/WTC market. Once you’ve found your desired market, establish your price per coin, how many of them you’d like, and then finally buy!

Am I done?

You are indeed! If you’re stuck on this step, here’s another screenshot that can help explain things visually.

Decide & Stash Away

Awesome job buying the WTC! Now you get to decide the next steps. Feel free to let your cryptos sit in your wallet or, if you’re up for it, go back to the marketplace to purchase other coins. You know how to do it now.


What more is there?

Nothing, you’re done! We hope we answered everything you wanted to know, but if we left anything out, don’t be shy and send us any questions you may have in the chat window to your right.

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