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TrueFlip (TFL)

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How to Buy TrueFlip (TFL)

TrueFlip is aiming to be the largest Bitcoin-based lottery platform. It’s not just a boring game of slots or Blackjack; TrueFlip is fun, engaging and operates in a fully transparent manner that invites users to consistently frequent their operation.

The decentralized lottery platform is powered by blockchain technology, which adds to its authenticity (due to every transaction being verified). Ready to hit the jackpot?

How does this virtual lottery system work?

The lottery draws on Trueflip are conducted daily, with the users finding the last hash code in the algorithm becoming game winners and receiving prizes. The rules are simple:

  • It’s anonymous, so anyone can join
  • Users buy and sell tickets, and smart contracts ensure that the tickets are accurate

The only downside is that U.S. citizens are not allowed to participate due to legal restrictions but we’re sure there’s a decentralized app to take care of that. In the meantime, let’s get you set up with some TFL.

Create A Coinbase Account

I know you’re excited to head over to the virtual casino, but we will need to buy some Bitcoin or Ethereum first. Purchase the coins from Coinbase, but if Coinbase isn’t working, try going through Coinmama. These platforms are interchangeable. If you already own wallet with BTC or ETH in it, you can move on to the next step.

Open Up a Kucoin.io Account

The reason why buy Ethereum or Bitcoin first is because those are the only transferable currencies capable of purchasing other coins. Thus, once we own either of the two anchor currencies, then we head over to a cryptocurrency marketplace and use them to buy other coins. TFL, for instance, is available on many. But for the sake of explanation, we’ll be using Kucoin.

Create a Kucoin account and proceed to step 3.

Transfer BTC or ETH to Kucoin

This isn’t difficult, it can just appear that way. All we’re going to do is transfer our main cryptocurrencies from our Coinbase wallet to our Kucoin wallet. Here’s how we’ll do that:

  • Press “Wallets” on Kucoin.io
  • Find “BTC” or “ETH”
  • Press “Deposit”
  • Highlight and copy the address (what we call the address string)
  • Find your way back to Coinbase
  • Select the “Accounts” label on Coinbase
  • Locate your wallet (BTC or ETH) & select “Send”
  • Drag the Kucoin wallet address into the Coinbase recipient address bar
  • Add in how much you want to send, then finalize that transfer!

Easy, right? Below are some screenshots that help illustrate the process using ETH as an example:

Buy TrueFlip (TFL) on Kucoin

Now that we have our BTC or ETH in our Kucoin wallet, we can buy some TFL! Look for the “Markets” tab and search for the BTC/TFL or ETH/TFL market. After you’ve found the correct market, you can agree on the individual price per coin, the amount you want to purchase, and then finally buy them!

Reference this screenshot if you’re experiencing difficulties. Though, we expect it’ll be a smooth process.

Decide & Save

You just scored some TFL! You’re more than welcome to go back to the marketplace to buy more coins and make more investments. You can also let the cryptos sit in your wallet and give them some time to appreciate, choice is yours!


Anything else I need to do?

Nope, you’re done! We hope we covered everything, but we understand this can be tricky the first time around, so send us any concerns in the chat window to your right.

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