Where to Buy Kucoin Shares (KCS)

Kucoin Shares (KCS)

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How to Buy Kucoin Shares (KCS)

KuCoin is one of many international blockchain assets exchanges currently listing cryptocurrencies. As of January 2018, they have nearly 200 markets listed, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more. In October 2017, the exchange unveiled its own coin/share called KuCoinShares.

What will KuCoinShares do for me?

By purchasing one of the coins, or holding a share, you are able to receive a daily bonus/dividend called KuCoin Bonus. This bonus allows you to:

  • Receive 50% of the trading fees

Basically, if the volume and amount of coins traded continues to increase, then the bonus of holding the shares will increase along with it. Bonus calculations are based on real-time data from the KuCoin exchange.

Think this marketplace is going to soar over others? Great, let’s get you hooked up with some KCS!

Open Up A Coinbase Account

First, let’s buy Bitcoin or Ethereum from Coinbase. If you can’t access Coinbase, try buying the coins through Coinmama — the steps won’t differ. If you’re already an owner of BTC or ETH, you get to move ahead to the next step.

Step 2Set Up A Kucoin.io Account

The reason we buy BTC or ETH first is because we’ll need them to purchase other coins in what is known as a cryptocurrency marketplace. There are usually a few places where you can buy cryptos from, but KCS can only be purchased through Kucoin (shocker, shocker), so sign up for a Kucoin account and proceed to step 3.

Transfer BTC or ETH to Kucoin

No need to be intimidated by these next few of steps. All we’re going to do is transfer our BTC or ETH from our Coinbase wallet to our Kucoin wallet. See below. We’ve outlined it with simplicity in mind.

  • Press “Wallets” on Kucoin.io
  • Locate “BTC” or “ETH”
  • Press the “Deposit” button
  • Select and copy the address
  • Return to Coinbase
  • Find the “Accounts” label on Coinbase
  • Locate your BTC or ETH wallet & select “Send”
  • Paste the Kucoin wallet address into the Coinbase recipient address bar
  • Put in how much you want and send it on its way!

Below are some screenshots that help describe the process using ETH as an example:

Buy Kucoin Shares (KCS) on Kucoin

Once we open up Kucoin, we’re ready to purchase some KCS. Locate the “Markets” tab and search for the BTC/KCS or ETH/KCS market. Once you’ve located the correct market, you can establish your price per coin, decide on a volume, and then eventually buy some KCS!

If you’re stuck on this step, below is a screenshot that illustrates the buying process.

Decide & Deposit

Now that you are the proud proprietor of KCS, you have the power to decide what to do with them! You can let your KCS sit in your wallet and continue reaping rewards from it, or you can head back to the marketplace to purchase other coins — the choice is yours.


Any last steps?

Nope, all done! Hopefully that was a breeze. If we missed anything, or you’re still confused, start a conversation with us in the chat window to your right. We’ll be quick to answer.

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