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How to Buy ClearPoll (POLL)

Partisan media paints a different picture of public opinion, so why not put the brush in your hand? With ClearPoll, a blockchain opinion-based poll system, users are able to participate in open, public polls about a variety of issues at the local, national, and global levels.

Current methods of public polling such as mailing out questionnaires or calling on landlines are outdated, and they don’t always accurately represent the issue at hand, leading to skewed, misleading data. Electronic ballot boxes provide an easier way to go voice your opinion, but the security is not always foolproof, meaning the public vote can still be tampered with.

ClearPoll’s secure social polls will keep anyone from meddling in your social polls, as once a vote is sent into the blockchain, it can’t be tampered with.


What else is there to Clear Poll?

The act boasts other features such as:

  • Allowing users to vote on which topic should become the next live poll
  • Being able to share ClearPoll activity on other social networks and among friends
  • Viewing live data from both active and completed polls, as well as being able to see the how the votes change depending on time, location, and more.

Ready to get your voice out there? Let’s set you up with some POLLs.

Open Up A Coinbase Account

Before we cast our ballot, we will first need to buy some Bitcoin or Ethereum from Coinbase. If you are unable to get into Coinbase, try buying the coins through Coinmama — the steps will be the same. If you already have some BTC or ETH from one of these (or any other platforms) providers, then you get to skip forward to step 2.

Create A Kucoin.io Account

Buying those BTC or ETH is vital to the process, as you’ll be using them to buy other coins in a cryptocurrency marketplace. ClearPoll can be purchased from a variety of marketplaces. But, for today’s tutorial, we’ll be using Kucoin. Create an account with Kucoin and move on to step 3.

Send BTC or ETH to Kucoin

Don’t let these steps lead you astray. They’re not as confusing as they appear to be. What we’re doing here is transferring our BTC or ETH from our Coinbase wallet to our Kucoin wallet. We’ve outlined the process below.

  • Press “Wallets” on Kucoin.io
  • Locate your “BTC” or “ETH”
  • Press on “Deposit”
  • Select and copy the address
  • Return to Coinbase
  • Press“Accounts” label on Coinbase
  • Search for your BTC or ETH wallet & select “Send”
  • Paste the Kucoin wallet address into the Coinbase recipient address bar
  • Plug in how much you want and send the currency on its way!

Still a bit confused? Use the screenshot below as a reference. It depicts the process.  

Step 4Buy ClearPoll (POLL) on Kucoin

Now we’re here and it’s time to buy. Drag your mouse over the “Markets” tab and look for the BTC/POLL or ETH/POLL market. Once you’ve identified the market, you can select your price per coin, how many you’d like, and then finally get them into your wallet!

Check out the screenshot below for reference on where to buy. We used Ethereum here but the process for Bitcoin is no different.

Deposit & Collect

And we’re done! Now that you have some POLL on you, you can choose the next move. Do you want to make another investment? You know how too. Go back to the marketplace. Otherwise, you sleep peacefully knowing your coins are safe and sound in your digital wallet.


Anything else I’m missing?

Nope, that’s it. If you’re still confused about something, we’re here to help. Contact us in the chat window to your right. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

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