Where to Buy Black Hole Coin (BHC)

Black Hole Coin (BHC)

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How to Buy Black Hole Coin (BHC)

The mysterious Black Hole Coin has branded itself “the future of mining,” using zero-knowledge encryption technology to ensure complete anonymity during transactions and removing founders’ rewards… giving power back to the miners. Being that mining has many dynamics, some of which having stolen the field’s integrity, Black Hole Coin seeks to preserve the glory of the craft.

What can Black Hole Coin guarantee me?

Developers behind the coin promise:

  • Low fees
  • High performance Node.js backend
  • User-friendly mining
  • Multi-coin/multi-pool mining

Here is how to buy some BHC:

Create A Coinbase Account

The first thing we need to do is get you set up with some Bitcoin or Ethereum. They are available to be purchased via Coinbase, but if you’re having problems getting in, try going through Coinmama — the steps will be identical for both wallets. Already have some BTC or ETH stored in your wallet? Head on down to step 2.

Create A Kucoin.io Account

We will be using our BTC or ETH to purchase other coins in a cryptocurrency marketplace. There’s a plethora of marketplaces out there, let’s go through Kucoin today. Open up a Kucoin account and head over to step 3.

Transfer BTC or ETH to Kucoin

These next steps outline how to transfer our BTC or ETH from our Coinbase wallet to our Kucoin wallet. Don’t let the jargon confuse you. This is no different then moving funds from wallet to another. Follow these easy steps to do so:

  • Hit “Wallets” on Kucoin.io
  • Look for “BTC” or “ETH”
  • Hit “Deposit”
  • Click, highlight, then copy the address string
  • Click back to Coinbase
  • Press the “Accounts” label on Coinbase
  • Look for your BTC or ETH wallet & select “Send”
  • Paste the Kucoin wallet address into the Coinbase recipient address bar
  • Place the amount you want to send and hit the button!

This can be tough to understand, so here are some screenshots that help describe the process using ETH as an example:

Buy Black Hole Coin (BHC) on Kucoin

Now that we have our BTC or ETH in our Kucoin wallet, it’s time to buy some BHC. Look for the “Markets” tab and locate the BTC/BHC or ETH/BHC market. Once you have found the market you want, dictate the price per coin, how many you want, and then finally buy them!

If you’re confused by this step, below is a screenshot that illustrates the components of the page:

Decide & Stash Away

You just successfully bought some BHC, up top! You can return to the marketplace to purchase other coins, or you can choose to let your cryptos sit in your wallet — whatever you decide. Everyone invests in crypto differently.


What more?

Nothing, you’re done! For the novice crypto investor, this process can seem daunting. If for whatever reason you’re still confused, please don’t hesitate to send us your questions in the chat window to your right.

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